Welcome to CMYK.

CMYK stands for the four colors used in the color printing process [CYAN MAGENTA YELLOW KEY BLACK]. These four colors are combined to create all the colors necessary for manifesting your digital thoughts in color form on a blank piece of paper.

Our album is no different. It's a physical, audible, in certain instances tangible form of our digital thoughts. It's an acronymical manifestation of all the sonic colors we use in our music. The album is divided into four parts. Now, we're not telling you how to listen, but if we did, we'd say something like: "musically, each song is assigned to a color because it has a similar atmosphere. The four songs on CYAN are more rythmical, with a hip-hop beat, the MAGENTA songs are shamanistic, atmoshperic, YELLOW songs are a bit more soulful, traditional and KEY BLACK songs, well, they're kind of darker, more rock n' roll." We'd have you think what we want you to think. And that's actually why we're writing it. No artwork should ever be named "untitled", becase that's just entitled,amirite?

CMYK was recorded over a period of 2 years, but it has been brewing in our little minds much longer than that. We combined recorded bits and pieces from our travels, previous recordings, motives from our iPhones, ideas on the spot. And the greatest part of it all was, that the first song that made it onto this album, STICKY TAR, was laid down in 13 minutes with our current band, an ensemble that we love very much.

CMYK is our debut full-length album. The concept was conceived in both of our minds separately, completely unrelated, until we basically both blurted it out at once, two years later. Talk about fate.

This is a rock n' roll record. It's not black. It's not white. It's not dead. We hope you see the color in the face this record. It's alive and breathing, baby.

Most of all, we hope you enjoy it.


The Youniverse